Agile Green 

Is committed to:

  • Reducing and controlling your energy costs.
  • No financial risk.
  • Providing energy at 80% of current rates fixed and guaranteed for 20 years with a 10 year interim review.
  • Improved profitability and infinite ROI.
  • Increased operational productivity.
  • Providing “Best-in-Class” proven technology.
  • Providing our team which has a diverse market experience for complex issues – today and in the future. 
  • Creating a “Green” footprint to your hospital.

And the best part… No CAPITAL outlay.

If you’re like other hospitals, you hate paying never-ending, always-increasing energy costs for your healthcare system.

Agile Green is committed to supporting your health care and hospital systems in reducing energy use and costs, including HVAC efficiencies, water usage and waste disposal.

Agile Green focuses on reaching key health care and hospital leaders with improvements that go beyond “green.”  Agile Green comprehensively eliminates energy, HVAC, water and waste inefficiencies in all aspects of the healthcare system — design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Let’s get started immediately lowering your energy costs!

Client Benefits

Our model allows the following.

Immediate Cost Savings

Immediate cost savings on your energy bill of 20% and fix those energy costs for up to 20 years. This increases EBITDA, freeing up critical capital for improving patient care and outcomes.

Renewable Energy

Provide the option of moving to 100% renewable energy without disruption or change in energy reliability to your healthcare systems.

New Technology

Provide additional disruptive products and technologies to help raise efficiency and lower your carbon footprint.

New Energy Savings

  • HVAC upgrades
  • Waste to Energy
  • Water Usuage (heating and cooling)
  • SMART Buildings

“All of these at no cost to you!”

The Future With Agile Green

So, what does the future look like at Agile Green? Simple. We never stop evolving.

Strategic Partners

It’s important that future fusions in technology and renewable energy resources be a part of your future too!

Agile Green is constantly challenged with researching and implementing new ways to save.  And passing those savings on to you!

Everybody wins – your hospitals, your patients and your community.

Meet the Agile Green Powerhouse Team

We bring together best-in-class technologies, companies and people.  Our team has over 200 years of executive experience in all aspects of healthcare.  

You’re Never Without Power!

Agile Green:

1) Optimizes your energy use.

2) Decreases your energy needs.

3) Manages the relations and generation of electricity with your electric source.

Your patients and Physical Plants are never at risk.

Ready to Save an Extra 20% on Your Energy Bill Today?

 Discover our process and the  Agile Green pathway to success.

And discover why we say “Quality Transformations, Measurable Results”

Quality Transformations, Measurable Results

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