About Us

Agile Green was founded in 2016 to provide disruptive innovations and new cost models to reduce routine expenditures of healthcare entities. 

Our goal is to improve the delivery, reliability and costs of your core operational expenses, starting with energy.

We bring together best-in-class technologies, companies and people. Our deep expertise in healthcare, engineering, technology, renewable energy and financing brings to you the most comprehensive, customized and effective solution to your energy, environmental and financial responsibilities. 

While we lead with energy, Agile Green has a full suite of solutions to other major health facility systems such as water usage, HAI’s and infection risks and biomedical waste.


Deep Industry Knowledge

We’ve worn your shoes and are committed to your solutions.


Years of Experience

The Agile Green team has over 200 collective years of experience.


One Size Doesn't Fit All

We quickly identify solutions that can rapidly improve points of care and diversify revenue within your system. 

Our Mission 

To create significant cost savings by offering system-wide efficiencies in four areas – Energy, HVAC, Water and Waste.

Our Vision

The Agile Green partnership will provide critical analysis, design support, installation and long-term facility operations support.

Agile Green is offering the benefits of energy including other state of the art advanced technology efficiencies as a highly effective strategy to impact the bottom line of hospitals to meet mission­critical goals.


Meet the powerhouse team behind Agile Green.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Francis of Assisi

Quality Transformations, Measurable Results

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