Casey Francis, Chief Technology Officer

Bio Highlights:

Casey Francis’ career in professional project and organizational leadership has spanned over 25 years and a variety of industries. Trained technically with a mechanical engineering degree from BYU, Casey has led small and large teams on projects in resort operations, automotive manufacturing and facilities development (Toyota), amusement attraction design and production, federal environmental remediation, and commercial renewable energy integration.

While living in Hawaii he successfully brought commercial clients with multiple sites into single renewable energy contracts, and was a key player in Apparent, Inc’s efforts to open the grid there to competition, energy wholesaling, aggregation and microgrid development.

Working from Hawaii Island’s OTEC “Energy Lab”, he engaged in research to move existing energy production concepts to marketization. He’s a believer in the widespread utilization of clean energy technology, because the real opportunity exists for forward thinkers to develop mass clean energy concepts that will make more economic sense than fossil fuels.

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