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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a Retail Energy Provider (REP) to sell energy to hospitals?
  1. One member with 15 yrs Energy Trading Experience
  2. One member with at least 5 yrs Energy trading risk management
  3. One of these three:  a) Investment Grade Credit Rating, b)$100,000,000 Net worth with Cap ratio of 0.60 or less, or c) Shareholder Equity of at least $1M and issue irrevocable $500K letter of credit to the Commission.
Who are your vendors?
  1. Tesla
  2. Honeywell
  3. Shell New Energies
  4. others (confidential)
What is our (the hospital) CapEx requirement/expenditure ?


What is our ROI?

Infinite as there is no CapEx

How does your company make hospital improvements without altering our operations?

All improvements in Phase 1 are done externally to physical plant and do not alter patient care nor jeopardize patient safety nor confidentiality.

How much does our energy audit cost?

It is free.

Have you done this before?
  1. Yes. Agile Green’s executive team has managed many multi-billion dollar site/energy improvement projects globally.
  2. Yes, Agile Green’s energy auditor partner performs audits regularly with over 450 employees able to focus on the demands of a site audit.
  3. Yes, Agile Green’s executive team has 3 years of experience auditing energy usage and negotiating energy purchases for commercial properties.
  4. Yes, Agile Green’s technology improvements have been install in over 2000 properties and involved usage for greater than 1 million MWH of energy.
  5. Yes, Agile Green’s site management technology was developed and deployed Globally by our Fortune 100 partner.
Does Agile Green have the financial resources to perform on these massive projects?

Yes, Agile Green started the company by arranging financing for energy projects and has secured financing sources with the ability to bring up to $3 Billion to these projects. All USA based funding.

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