Joe Callahan, Consulting Engineer

Bio Highlights:

20+ years international experience as an engineer in energy systems design, licensing/permitting and construction management. Mr. Callahan has developed a specialty in the unique aspects of renewable energy development including experience in: 

Site control Issues: Buffer restrictions, Riparian, Tree clearing restrictions, Solar Shade impact and Facility

  • Zoning, easement and setback analysis
  • Adverse Effects Analysis: Disruptions to airports and other facilities affected by PV
  • Gaining Access to legal property polylines and identify Initial usable area based on proposed or arranged site control with property owner.
  • Identify adjacent properties that could benefit or provide obstacles for development.
  • Property easements etc. that will limit development of PV
  • Access / Land use exclusions
  • Deeds and ownership issues
  • Local weather that may affect performance i.e. morning fog from a river or coastline. Conditions not reflected in NREL or TMY1 weather data.
  • Deed, Local Utility Right of Ways or other ROW’s, easements, etc. Gas, chemical, electrical, water, sewage, etc.
  • Wetlands analysis (NWI and any historical Delineations) and mapping layers (ArcGIS)
  • FEMA Flood Zone and mapping layers
  • Hydric Soils Map and general soils map
  • Slope analysis using AutoCAD Civil 3D and the best public surface data available
  • Drone geospatial data collection quotes for site
  • CAD Grading analysis
  • Substation and Transmission / Distribution
  • Interconnection EE on Interconnection application and scoping meeting with Utility and eventually provide data needed for Feasibility Study and
    Facility Study.
  • BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) firm on optimal storage system design as per needs from Utility and economic modeling.

Work Experience at Lead Engineering position:

  • Caden Energy Corp.
  • Microgrid Labs LLC
  • Saral Urja Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • energisimple LLC
  • energiLAB LLC
  • Simple Solar LLC – Solar Electric EPC Boulder, CO :Founder /Owner / CEO

Current Responsibility:

Quality Transformations, Measurable Results

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