The Agile Green Path

Let’s examine the Agile Green path you’ll take to immediately start your energy savings.

Sign Mutual Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (NCNDA)

Sign Non-Binding Feasibility Assessment (NBFA) / Sign Letter of Authorization (LOA)

These Documents initiate the process of collecting critical information we need to understand your current energy demands throughout the days, months and year. It also give us access to your current rates and fees being charged to your facilities

Phase 1 Analysis

The Agile Green experts will perform a status audit on your load, rates and fees to determine if we are able to fulfill our commitment of a 20% reduction to your current charges.  The steps within this Phase are listed below.


Sign Power Supply Agreement

If Agile Green determines we have the ability to reduce your energy costs by 20% and can hold those cost over the offering period based on your current energy requirements, we will develop a Power Supply Agreement for signing. This puts the responsibility on us for  the continual supply of energy to  your facilities at the rate and timeline agreed upon.

Phase 2 Analysis

Agile Green will then invest in your future by paying for a comprehensive energy audit. Based on the energy audit results Agile Green will present to you recommendations for us to invest in your physical plant in order to achieve greater energy efficiencies. This assures our ability to hold your energy costs at the contracted rate while increasing the value of your assets.

Implementing The Efficiency Plan

Agile Green will coordinate with your facilities management team to implement these strategies in the easiest and least disruptive approach possible

Quality Transformation, Measurable Results

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