Agile Green’s Phase 1

Let’s discover the components of Agile Green path to immediate energy savings from Phase 1.


The Agile Green experts will perform a status audit on your load, rates and fees to determine if we are able to fulfill our commitment of a 20% reduction to your current charges.

The steps for the Energy Conservation Measures within this Phase are listed below, as well.


Analysis Platform

The Agile Green experts will perform a status audit that can be reviewed through the Opticaster platform.


Phase 1 – Energy and Environmental Management Program

Hospitals can aggressively manage energy use and costs by developing and incorporating a comprehensive Energy & Environmental Management Program.

Here’s the path within Phase 1.

Step 1 – Create Awareness of the Agile Green Opportunity:

Make the commitment to these efficiencies with support provided by visible executive leadership.

Step 2 – Perform Baseline Evalutions:

Consolidate energy & environmental use data and cost figures from the entire hospital system into a broad and integrated Hospital Energy Audit.

Step 3 – Develop a Common Supported Vision:

Organize wide representation from across the hospital spectrum (finance, maintenance and facilities, purchasing, quality assurance, government relations, clinical operations, medical personnel) whereby there is a development of  a plan and set goals in alignment with your hospital’s needs.

Including new construction, retrofitting and enhanced operation of existing facilities in scope.

In addition, we’ll incorporate your relevant existing initiatives within the hospital system.

Quality Transformation, Measurable Results

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